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Daniel, Solicitor
Category: Australia Law
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Experience:  Bachelor of Laws (dist) Graduate Diploma in Legal Practise. Admitted NSW Supreme Court / High Court
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Can anyone help me out with a centrelink overpayment quest

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Can anyone help me out with a centrelink overpayment question?

But please elaborate.

What is the situation?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HI Daniel,


thank you for your reply. i was diagnoaed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2003 and started receicing a disability support pension shortly after.. i gained employment in feb 2011 but have still been receiving those payments. i believe that i had notified centrelink at the time and what my income would be. and from memory was told i was still entitled to some benefit. however i recently received a letter from them stating i needed to register as a jobseeker and have an interview with them. i belwive i have been getting full payment and my income as not come into the equation at all. i believe that i am now earning too much for any assistance and wish for my payments to cease. i am aware that this equates to quite a large amount and am happy to repay the debt over 5years or whatever, but i do not want to be charged with fraud and do not want to do any jail tim, as some people with smaller overpayments have had to do... i want to right the wrongs but dont know how to go about this with minimal fuss from them and any further stress to me..... please help!!!! this is really eating me up and i feel quite sick when i think about it... i feel myself beginning to relapse and cant afford that to happen. thank you for your help. i really appreciate it. look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Make reference to when you advised them of your position.
Secondly, make it clear to them you made them aware.

Thirdly, it would seem you need to pay at least some of it off, I suggest going to them with a plan to repay the money over five years, they should accept that proposal.

With the fraud charge, I doubt you would get convicted anyway, considering the situation.

Please accept
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Daniel,


Is this something that i could utilize your expertise in order to write up a proposal for me to take to them?


Ie. Stating overpayment has occurred, requesting amount to be repaid and a proposal of repayment to a value of up to $200 per week. I really want this sorted out.


Surley it is of benefit to me that i am 'owning' the situation and going to them before they come to me???


Please get back to me?


I can only basically give info.

I would propose a letter outlining that,

1. you advised them on INSERT DATE as to your position.

2. you advised them on INSERT FURTHER DATES as to the position.

3. that you are happy to make payment of the debt, but over a period of 5 years, taking into account the fact that you did notify them as to the situation.

Please accept
Daniel and other Australia Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Again,


I am happy to pay you whatever it would cost in order for you to draft up a letter for me to send to them as i have no idea where to start... I am happy to insert required information such as dates etc, but as stated previously i don't know where to start, feel quite sick when i think about this and do not want to do myself more harm than good by contacting them.


I understand that you have a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practise. If this needs to happen outside of JustAnswer, in order for you to be able to help me out further this please let me know.


Thank You, once again

all the best