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Hello , This is the situation my girl friend is a qualified

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Hello , This is the situation my girl friend is a qualified family law Lawyer herself and practiced for 15 years, however not in the profession now. I have been with her in a relationship for 1 year now,we do not live together as yet, her family law settlement has been finalized, she has been separated in different premises to her ex-husband for over 18months now also but her divorce papers have not been finalized as the process now.
She has two daughters 11and 9 that she has 90% full time custody of and the girls don't want to spend time with their father really.
There are no court orders in place at all and no parenting agreements in place either at present.
She lives in sydney and applied for a job as a school teacher in the Southern Highlands
only 1.75 hours drive south of sydney CBD.
This was to relocate for a better financial future and a fresh start with the daughters away from the past life stresses.
She was successful in getting the new job position as a primary teacher and was very happy when she told me as were her daughters about it.
When she told her ex-husband she was moving he said to her "NO".
Due to this reply she did not move and take the new job.
She told me she couldn't as if she moved and took the job, he could then file an injuction or something to that effect and drag her back to Sydney and take her to court until a judge decided wether she was allowed to move or not.
She said this to me and said she did not have the money to fight him in court, which he does have the money or his parents do and would pay his legal fees for him out of spite towards her.
Is this all true and what would or could happen...?
Is this able to be done as I said above with no court orders, agreements in place...?
We are only talking 2 hrs down the road, not 10 hours away or into a different state, that I would understand...?
Could you please offer some advice on this, as I do believe my girlfriend as a Lawyer but feel she has been intimidated into a corner or threatened and she is the one invovled in the case this time personally and not the Lawyer now
Kind Regards Ben

Rubbish, she can relocate to the highlands, its not too far.

He can file an application to not have her move, but it would not be successful at all.

Its a short distance. She could even move closer to sydney, perhaps Bargo area etc if it was that much of an issue.

But in the mechanics of it, it is not enough to keep her in Sydney.

Please accept
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you Daniel, that has informed me better on the situation
kind regards