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My sisters husband died November last year in a work accident.

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My sisters husband died November last year in a work accident. They were renting a house from his parents. It had taken months for her to get Centrelink payments and has struggled on getting financially stable with the loss of the family income. They have only just signed a rental agreement with her so she can get rent assistance. She is waiting for this back payment. She is behind in her rent and they are threatening to kick her and their grandchildren out. They are harassing other family members and bad mouthing her. They are constantly calling her to the point where she is having panic attacks. What are her rights? Can they legally kick her out? They are threatening legal action. Could she counter sue for constant harassment. Also please note the house is also in utter disrepair. House is mouldy. Shower screen and tiles falling off. Holes in the floor in pantry a. Windows with gaps, and leaking water pipes costing her a fortune in water bills.

In regard to the matter if rent is not paid then they are allowed to have her removed from the home sadly.

She cannot really counter sue for harassment, but can have them charged criminally perhaps, or obtain an AVO. Both will not stop having them evicted.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I thought as much. Will talk to her about the avo. When it comes to repairs in the house. They insist on coming and doing the repairs themselves. They have been through the house when she hasn't been home and has found some of her husbands belongings missing. She is even to scared to keep his ashes there in fear they will steal them. She can't stand to have them in the house. Everything was good before he died. Are they allowed to do the repairs themselves or should they be sending repairers
Sadly it is their home, they can undertake the repair work themselves.

Please accept.
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