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We have bought my sons car from manheim pty ltd ... He paid

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We have bought my sons car from manheim pty ltd ... He paid $ 2600. We were aware of gearbox slipping , have taken it to mechanic ( got a couple of quotes) $4000. To recondition gearbox . Do I have any case to receive compensation ? Have spoken to manheim and been told no. When speaking to mechanic when driven cold it will be ok ...we were only allowed to drive within a 50 meter area at manheim , so I believe we were not in a position to properly assess car . Appreciate guidance as all the money came from my 16 year old son ,I'm devastated and haven't found the courage to tell him yet. Robyn Neville
So they made you aware that the gearbox was slipping before selling you the vehicle?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
They do an assessment on car and leave a quote ,what they assume it to cost ... I'm not 100% sure as my ex delt with initial enquiry .
Thank you for that additional information which was helpful in clarifying things.

In order for your son to get the car dealership to refund his money, he will need to lodge a minor claim in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia.

Simply call (08) 9425 2222 and ask them to send you a Form 4.

Once he has filled it in you need to return it to the Court with the fee (you should call them on the number above to ask them what the fee is, they always seem to be increasing it).

The Court will then stamp the Form 4, and return two copies to you. You must give the car dealership one of the copies. Your son's matter will then be set down before a judge and he can then tell the judge his side of this. If you helped him buy the car you can testify at the trial as well. I think he would have a decent case for them to repair the vehicle or to give him a full refund.

The car dealership also get to tell the judge their side of the story at the same hearing, and then the judge makes his decision.

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