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Leon, Solicitor
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need to calculate my annual leave, pro-rate long service leave

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need to calculate my annual leave, pro-rate long service leave entitlements

? annual leave & long service leave entitlements...
I do not receive a pay slip from my employer so my information is this:-
PAYG summary for year ended 30 June 2011 = Gross $54,125/ paid fortnightly/ working a 9 day fortnight ($2,081.73 gross f/n).
believe I have Balance of 19 days a/leave @ 28.02.12 due to accumulate further 10 days @ 01.07.12
employed since 14.10.2004 - ? pro-rate long service leave
calculation to 30.06.12 please
Also, believe that on redundancy I am entitled to 4 weeks wage + 1 week for being over the age 55- is this correct?
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your question. To Introduce myself I am a sydney based Solicitor and will do my best to provide you with information to answer your question.

I will provide you with the relevant links so that you can take your time and calculate the information you require at your own leisure.

Annual leave can be calculated through the online calculator from the office of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Because you work a nine-day fortnight I will assume that you are doing the hours for a ten-day fortnight in 9 days and therefore you are entitled to one day off a fortnight. In this case you would note in the calculator that you work Monday to Friday.

The calculator link is as follows:

Long service leave is dependent on when you commenced work as over the years the acts have changed. I provide you with the link from business Victoria which is a long service leave calculator where you can input your information and it will advise you of your entitlements.

Click on the orange box and the calculator will commence and you will complete the answers to the questions it asks.

Redundancy payments for Victorians have been governed by the federal government from when the former Kennett government gave up its rights to employment issues to the federal government.

As such you are covered by the new employment standards under the Fair Work Act.

the following link provides you with information of what the current standards are for redundancy in Australia.

There is no additional weight for being over a certain age unless the award that you are paid under contains these provisions.

In addition to these entitlements you are also entitled to notice from your employer on termination.

I hope this is of assistance. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

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