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Darren Kruse
Darren Kruse, Solicitor
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I ordered a suit for my son from Reuben Scarf through the Groupon

Resolved Question:

I ordered a suit for my son from Reuben Scarf through the Groupon Deal (Stardeal) on 12 May for $149 - my son was starting a new job where he had to wear a suit each day The suit arrived on 5th July, delivered to his work. When the boss saw it he advised my son that it was not a suitable colour for him to wear to work (too light a grey). After about three weeks of searching I finally found online an email address for Reuben Scarf and contacted them. Some weeks later I received an email followed by a phone call from a lady named Wendy. I discussed with her my problem with the colour and that the jacket was a little tight. Subsequently she posted me a suit bag and I immediately returned the suit with the measurements.. I am not sure of the date I did this but would estimate it would have been about the first week in September. on 6 Sept I received an email from Damien Scarf asking me to be patient and to resend the measurements and that "I will certainly take care of this personally". That was one month ago and I have heard nothing since dispite a number of emails.
When Wendy phoned me she admitted that they had been very busy with the add and that all phones were turned off. Therefore it has been impossible to call anyone and of course they are not responding to emails.
My question is - what can I do now.
Thanking you very much for your time given to this question.
Yours sincerely
Janine Oliver
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Darren Kruse replied 5 years ago.

Darren Kruse : Janine, as things stand you have no suit - of any description and they have your money, so unless they engage with you again to resolve this you have no choice but to make a Minor Civil claim in the Magistrates Court.
Darren Kruse :
Darren Kruse : As you are offline, I'll switch this to Q&A mode now
Expert:  Darren Kruse replied 5 years ago.
You should send them one last email indicating that unless the matter is resolved within X days, the. You will be forced to commence an action. I would suggest 7 days given the delay already.

The process is outlined here

The filing fee is $76, but you should recover this if you win.

There are other fact sheets here ;

Begin the process here ;

The reality is that no one will want to go to Court over such a small amount, but you need to get their attention. The threat of an action should do that.

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