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This is a legal question. If a section of my legal land from

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This is a legal question. If a section of my legal land from the title office is given permission for a neighbour to use, can the section of that land become the property of my neighbour over a certain number of years ? If so what period of time ? Can the "fence line" be shifted automatically over a prolonged period of occupancy?.
I believe this practice is applicable in Victoria. Please advise if this is true.

section52 :

Hi, this question is grossly underpriced, but it's an interesting archaic remenent of English Law so I'll be brief.

section52 :

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If by "become the property of your neighbor", you mean

can a prescriptive easement be granted over your property by the application of the doctrine of lost modern grant ? - then the answer is Yes, in certain circumstances.

Prescription is the acquisition of a right by reason of lapse in time. Easement by prescription creates an additional incorporeal right which is superimposed on the title of the servient tenement, but it does not extinguish the landowners title

Criteria for creation of such an easement :
1. uninterrupted right of the use for at least 20 years;
2. use ‘as of right’ – openly and not pursuant to permission;
3. no unity of ownership and possession of the dominant and servient tenements during the 20 year period;
4. permission or acquiescence in the use by the owner of the servient tenement. (ie you)

The difference between “permission or acquiescence” or licence (no easement created) and “as of right” (easement created) depends on:
1. the duration of conduct
2. persistence of conduct, despite sale of land
3. unlimited variety of persons using right of way
4. absence of physical impediments or obstructions
5. knowledge by owners of servient tenements and their failure to prevent use of right of way

In these situations I would generally advise people to:
1) have the land surveyed so you are clear about the fencelines
2) set up either a licence or a permission scheme for the neighbor to continue use your land.
3. consider registering a lease for the piece of land in dispute.


This recent Victorian case gives a good example of the principles involved:

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