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My 22 years old daughter was living in Melbourne until 1st

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My 22 years old daughter was living in Melbourne until 1st April, when she returned home to the UK. She "sold" the contents of her flat to a couple living in Essendon, whom she moved in with for a couple of weeks pending her return home. She had advertised the contents of her flat on gumtree. However, since returning home, the "buyers" have still not transferred the money owed $2500 to her account. I think they have taken her for a ride and played on her vulnerability when she was really unhappy. She is absolutely distraught as she has no money and currently no job. Is there not anything that can be done to get payment made under Australian law? Sarah
Hello, your daughter's options are to:

1. Contact them and tell them she will sue them if they don't pay the agreed amount immediately

2. Write to them formally advising that if they don't pay the agreed amount by a nominated date then she will commence proceedings in the relevant Australian court (Small Claims, Minor debt claim etc)

3. Get an Australian solicitor to write them a letter of demand and threatening legal proceedings if they don't pay within a specified time period

As she is in the UK the third option is likely to get the most positive response as they will know that she is serious about the matter, enough to engage a solicitor here to act for her. A letter of demand from a solicitor would be about $200-$250.
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