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I signed an agreement to Flexirent on Sunday and now wishing

Customer Question

I signed an agreement to Flexirent on Sunday and now wishing to cancel contract as not happy with their terms and conditions and the fact that they didn't dislose all fees,commissions and Insurance built in that I didn't know or ask for. I am ringing today to orgase and have noticed on googling Flexirent complaints that consumers are being given the run around to cancel contract within a few days of signing.Surely there is a standard up to 14 day cooling off period with all contracts? Thank you for your time.Rose
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  nyclawyer replied 8 years ago.
What state are you in and what kind of contract is this?   
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Queensland and it is for Flexirent through HArvey Norman. For a $1568 purchase will end up coting #2400.The full cost was not disclosed,nor the fees,Interest and Insurance.Apparently you never own it as the sale lady advised.
Expert:  Maurice replied 8 years ago.
Hello Rose

It's a misconception unfortunately that every contract has a cooling off period, they don't, property and life insurance purchases do but not finance for consumer goods

I must say that I am surprised that full disclosure was not provided either verbally or pointed out to you in the contract you signed, I know you will determined not to take "no" for an answer however just be ready for a strong argument in this area

I will suggest that if you don't resolve the matter directly with Harvey Norman and Flexi rent that you contact the Office of Fair Trading to lodge a complaint and if need be, the Financial Services Ombudsman (google both they come up easily enough) to investigate the matter for you, hopefully it won't come to that

I trust this information is of assistance and that you will kindly accept my answer as I wish you the best in this matter