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We have a Westinghouse Freestyle RE441S-R Fridge Freexer. We

Customer Question

We have a Westinghouse Freestyle RE441S-R Fridge Freexer. We ahve water leaking from inside the fridge onto the floor. and it is bvious there is a blockage in the water drain at the back of the fridge = the water container above the comperessor is dry. How do I unblock this drain line?
JA: Have you talked to a construction professional about the floor?
Customer: No - It is a floating floor and I am ok with it at present.
JA: Do you plan on doing the work yourself?
Customer: Ideally yes
JA: Anything else we should know to help you best?
Customer: Only if you need more information on the fridge.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Australia Whitegoods
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 6 months ago.

One moment while I get some information for you!

Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 6 months ago.

That is a blocked defrost drain line in the freezer, you need to remove the items in the freezer section. Once they are all out remove the back panel INSIDE the freezer to get at the evaporator and Defrost Drain pan under the evaporator. You will see it is all iced over. You need to melt all the ice and that will expose a DRAIN HOLE towards the middle of the drain pan under the evaporator. Clear that out with a steamer, hot water with a turkey baster or compressed air Make sure the drain is working by pouring a half cup of really hot water down it and it should drain nice and fast If so put the unit back together and it will be all fixed!

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Dear GuruApologies for the delay - a couple of other things on the go at presnet!
Firstly, in this model there is no ability to remove the inside back plate of the freezer. There is also no ability to remove the rear cover at the back of the entire unit. Clearly this is problematic.
There is a condenser unit attached to the rear wall of the fridge. Below that is a water damn to catch any water droplets, and this damn is full (sometimes frozen). There is a drain hole that goes through the wall, and then passes between the rear wall of the fridge, and the back cover of the unit (and is therefore inaccessible) until it appears immediately above the compressor to drip into the container - which is dry. I have passed a cable down from inside the fridge - it goes for about and inch and then is blocked - and from the compressor up into the hose for about 2 feet before it too is blocked. I have hit the top of this drain line with a hair dryer, but it still doesn't seem to be unblocked - I thought I had succeeded with the hairdryer but after about a day the problem returned.
Any suggestions?
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 6 months ago.

You may need to get and use a steamer or compressed air to unblock the line.