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GE fridge freezer ModelPSG2251REFSS (PROFILE) Double door

Customer Question

GE fridge freezer ModelPSG2251REFSS (PROFILE) Double door with ice & water dispenser.
This fridge is approximately9years old . The only problem experienced has been the failure of the cold water dispenser in the door & was due to a kinked plastic feed tube behind the water control in the door . This fault was successfully repaired by Messrs DACAP of Perth but unfortunately failed after approx. six months. The facility was left as is for the winter & I'm trying to ascertain the possible cause of this current failure ie is it the kinked pipe causing the same problem ? Current test results :1) The cold water control solenoid at the rear bottom left (looking from the rear) is functioning OK when the control lever is actuated. 2) I have not removed any water pipe connections from the solenoid to positively identify water flow without disconnecting water pipes, but one can feel the solenoid 'click' when activated. 3) The water pipes connected to the solenoid are White semi transparent & a slightly smaller diam. hard black pipe. The hard black pipe travels up the external rear of the fridge to the top ( I suspect this is the water feed for the ice cabinet, please confirm) the second semi transparent water pipe appears to travel into the guts of the fridge together with a shorter identical type pipe serving as a drain shorter return pipe serving as a drain. (please confirm or correct my observations for possible future problems.
I have managed to remove the front plastic surround from the fridge door in an effort to
try and see any water pipe connections to the iced water control or identify any possible "pipe kinks" ,without much success . Is there a fridge assembly drawing available via the internet or could you avail me of the neccesarry instructions to achieve my intended objective. I have made appointments for Messrs DACAP to address my issues but obviously due to the forthcoming Xmas period this will not happen until mid January when staff return from their break. Note It is for this reason (xmas) that I will not be disconnecting anything that I am not conversant with . Thank you for your consideration & assistance. ***** *****on
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Whitegoods
Expert:  Kelly replied 1 year ago.

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you! If the icemaker is working, you likely have a frozen water line in the freezer door. You can verify this by removing the kickplate from the front of the refrigerator and locating the water line fitting at the bottom of the freezer door. It will have a water line in each side of the fitting. Hold the plastic “washer” at the end of the connector in while pulling the water line out. Once you have the line open there, try to dispense water again and see if any comes out of the open line. The water will not come out until you activate the dispenser. If you have water there, the line is frozen in the freezer door. This has been a common issue for these refrigerators but is easily remedied. You can use a hair dryer to thaw the line out by heating the back of the dispenser housing from the outside of the refrigerator. Direct the heat to the area behind the dispenser paddle. Be careful so you do not allow it to get hot enough to damage the plastic. Once thawed, you will have restored water flow and normal dispenser operation.