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I am renting in Ipswich, Qld and just moved in. There is a

Customer Question

I am renting in Ipswich, Qld and just moved in. There is a Bosch Hi Flo instant hot water system which was working but this last week when we get up (4:30am), we can only get a couple of minutes of hot water.
I spoke to the real estate's sparky who told me they used to have problems but it has been working fine.
I called another guy out and he put a meter on the unit and it was coming in at around 1.6 and working fine. He left his meter with me for the weekend to check the pressure in the mornings and this morning it was reading 1.2 until the unit ignited and it dropped to 0.1 and fluctuated between that and 0.8 until the unit stopped trying to ignore and came back with an error 12 (which I understand to basically say burner won't ignited. The plumber did suggest that the diaphragm in the upstairs may be jamming in the cold but I have just found out that the street only has low pressure. My question being, do the Bosch hi-flo instant units work properly on low pressure?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Whitegoods
Expert:  Rob replied 2 years ago.
Welcome, my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.
Im so sorry that no one else has responded to you.
Apologies for my delay in replying, I only just came online and saw your question. Are you still looking for help with this?
Please don't rate my answer until we have explored all possible avenues. Please just use the reply button to contact me.
For all of these instant water heaters to function correctly, there has to be a good supply and pressure of water.
If the pressure is not enough, it wont open the valve to allow the gas to flow.
Can you tell me what unit of measurement is used on the meter?
Also the model number so I can get the details for you