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We have a F & P Aquasmart washer and are experiencing continuous

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We have a F & P Aquasmart washer and are experiencing continuous 'out-of-balance' problems. The washer is 6 years old, and has always performed well. I have replaced the four suspension rods but to no avail. The problem seems intermittant, sometimes the washing goes thru OK, then will seem to get stuck in out-of-balance mode. Do you know how this machine detects an out-of-balance situation? Usually I have found that a micro-switch is used against the drum but can't see anything like that.
Thanks and regards
Hi, Sid. Welcome to Just Answer.
Your unit does not use a mechanical switch to determine if there is an out of balance condition. It incorporates programming into the motor control modual to sense an OOB condition.
Please note the following from the service manual:
If replacing the Service Version “A” suspension rods with the later suspension rods, the
Motor Control Module MUST be replaced as the new rods require modified software.
Also, if replacing a Motor Control Module on a Service Version “A” product, the new
suspension rods (supplied with the Motor Control Module kit) must be fitted.

Please see the following for additional testing and diagnosing your OOB problem.
If this does not correct the problem then you are looking at a new motor control modual.
Let me knoiw if you need anything else.
Regards, Smitty

Past electronic machines have used a lever connected to a mechanical switch to detect if the load
in the inner bowl is out of balance. On Phase 7 machines this system has been replaced with
electronic sensing known as ‘Bump Detect’. ‘Bump Detect’ is software written into the Motor
Control Module, which looks at specific feedback from the Rotor Position Sensor.
No fault codes are associated with ‘Bump Detect’, and there are no hard and fast tests that can be carried out.
If a machine continually goes into an out of balance condition, then the following need to be checked in the order given.
1. Even distribution of the clothes load.
2. Ensure that the machine is both level and stable on the floor.
3. Check that any of the straps on the neck ring are not broken and that they are fitted correctly.
4. Check the weight of the inner bowl. Bowl weight is as follows.
• 24lb 3oz +/- 10oz (10.965kg +/- 275g).
5. Check the RPS using a RPS Tester.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Smitty

Many thanks for the info. One thing I don't understand is the RPS. New to me, so could you please explain further.

Many thanks and regards


RPS stands for rotor position sensor. Basically this is the tachometer used by direct drive units. It is a "hall effect" sensor that tells the system how fast the basket is turning. If the timing of the signals are out of tune (among other inputs to the MCU and main control modual) the system detects that as a possible OOB situation. This eliminates the need for mechanical sensors that tend to fail under the moist and soapy conditions inside the cabinet.
Let me know if you have any other concerns.
Best, Smitty
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Smithy
I have viewed your answer which I did asap. I also asked for clarification of what RPS is, which was on your list of things to do to check out the problem. I then kept checking for a reply but didn't see one.
I have just checked again and your reply to my query is now there, and is dated 16/10/13!
There is something weird going on with the timing.
Anyway thanks for your help.

Sorry about that, Sid. When I replied to your question it indicated that you were not on line. I went to bed soon after and did not see your reply until the next day when I returned from work.