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Charles, Architect
Category: Australia Whitegoods
Satisfied Customers: 2066
Experience:  Engineering contractor and electronics
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Hi I have an EDV505 dryer which is making a lot of noise. It

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Hi I have an EDV505 dryer which is making a lot of noise. It has started about 1 year after purchase. When I start machine it has a deep noise like its really straining when turning. After about 15 minutes the sound gets quieter (like its warmed up?!?). Recently the noise is lasting through nearly the whole cycle! Is there something I can do to fix it or who would be the right person to come and fix it!
I live in melbourne!
Cheers Baz

Charles :

Hello, and thanks for your question! My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to assist you today!!

Charles :

How old is the washer?

Customer: 3 year old dryer!
Charles :

Sorry, I meant dryer.

Charles :

When the dryer starts, does the drum start to spin right away or does it seem to start very slow?

Customer: It spins straight Away and the noise is coming straight of the air outlet
Charles :

Have you ever cleaned out the dryer vents?

Customer: When I take the cover off it's just clear and nothing to clean!
Charles :

ok, thanks. It sounds like there may be a bad roller or belt tensioner

Customer: Is this not a problem that has happened to others??
Customer: So what should I do?
Charles :

Im sure it has happened to somebody before, just not one I have seen on this model.

Charles :

At this point you will either need to pull out the machine and open it up so you can listen to it while its running to pinpoint the noise. It may be best letting a tech do this if your not comfortable doing it. You will need to use great caution so you don't get hurt at this point

Customer: I'm happy to open it ! Just the take the back off ? What am I looking for and when I pinpoint the noise what then?
Charles :

You will be listening for anything that sounds like the noise your hearing with it now. Then it will either be a part you can replace or one that a tech will need to do. No way to tell until you pinpoint the noise.

Customer: Ok cool! So if its something I need to get a tech for who would you recommend to use in melbourne? And do they come to your place?
Charles :

I would need to locate one for you. Yes, they should go to you.

Customer: Can you locate one! I live in Clayton south 3169
Charles :

I will need to look it up for you when I get into my shop, Im actually in the field right now.

Customer: Cool ! If you can do that it would be much appreciated and I will take it from there!!
Charles :

ok, I will get back to you as soon as I locate one for you.

Customer: Thanks!
Charles :

Your very welcome

Charles : XXXXX
VIC, 3168
Charles :

St George Appliances

Charles :

This is the only one I have listed for your area, and it has no number listed.

Charles :

But any appliance repair should be able to do this for you.

Customer: Cool I have looked it up and found the number!! Cheers XXXXX XXXXX for your help I will rate your service excellent!!!
Charles :

Thanks you very much. I hope your dryer is up and running better soon.

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