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I have an Electrolux DX403 dishwasher that wont fill (doesnt

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I have an Electrolux DX403 dishwasher that won't fill (doesn't allow any water). There is a solenoid in the inlet hose just below the tap which isn't opening. I have pulled out the washer and tipped it over, there is approx. 80 volts across the 2 wires going to this solenoid when the machine is started, no click can be felt in the solenoid when it should be turning on. It seems that the problem would be either the solenoid or the control board.

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to helping you! The voltage seems low to that solenoid, so I would inspect the wiring to it, any flood switches, etc. The voltage is dropping somewhere. Let me know what you find.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks Kelly, I have tested the flood switch just by testing continuity in the wire in and out of the switch and manually opening and closing it. The circuit opened and closed as it should. There appears to be a blue wire from the solenoid going to the control board but when I pulled the board out to see there were 4 different blue wires, so without a circuit diagram I would need to almost fully strip it down to follow the wire. Do you know what voltage should be getting to the solenoid? It sounds like maybe the circuit board could be the issue but the machine is 10 years old and I have already re soldered the contacts for the relay for the heating element, (apparently a known problem with this machine) so I'm not sure if I should invest too much money in it? I guess if there is continuity in that blue wire it only leaves a black one to check but I have no idea where it goes to without pulling it all down.
You should get 230 VAC to the solenoid. The issue likely lies with the circuit board. It may be time to consider replacing the machine.
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