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Our 2 year old F&P top loader (Aquasmart WL80T65C) consistently

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Our 2 year old F&P top loader (Aquasmart WL80T65C) consistently suggests out of balance during the general cycle and adds another 39 minutes to the cycle. The load does not appear to be out of balance. This has happened 5 times this wash so far.

It has worked satisfactorily until May 2013 and the machine has not been moved and is level on all feet. The problem occurs on all cycles. Any suggestions?

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to helping you! At the top of the machine, there are 4 rods that support the tub assembly. At the top of those rods are plastic balls that fit into sockets on the frame of the machine. They allow for movement of the tub. If those sockets get dry, you will see the symptoms you are seeing now. Use a lithium based lubricant to lube those sockets and see if the behavior improves.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK now done. I have used a lithium grease but I must say they were not seized and were quite free to move before I applied the grease. I'm just trying a coloured cycle to see if it makes it through without the dreaded alarms.


I live in Darwin and the humidity usually gets to the electronic circuitry of most of our F&P equipment. Items that have a good reputation in cooler climates often don't last long here. Our double drawer F&P dishwasher was just one of those examples. Had to take it to the dump it had that many service calls.


Will advise shortly on the effects of the grease.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ran a colours wash and had the usual problem with the spin cycle between the wash and rinse cycles. The machine gets unbalanced the tub hits the sides and the error message of unbalanced pops up. The load is checked and found to be fine but re-distributed in any case then hit start and it goes back a few minutes and does it all over again until it reaches the spin between wash and rinse.


I can go into the factory reset and change the spin speed to 50% and see how that goes, but I suspect it won't make any difference.




I have now changed all spin speeds to medium but the problem still persists on all programs. Any further suggestions?

We have just discovered from the place we purchased it, that we took out an extended warranty. It is still under that warranty but I don't have a lot of faith in those.

Well, the fact that it is indeed going out of balance confirms that it is likely a mechanical issue, not electronic. Given that, how is the floor? Is it solid? Are the legs locked in place so they cannot move? Is the machine level?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Floor is tiled concrete, it is level and the machine does not "walk" across the floor. Nothing has changed in that regard since it was installed and working correctly. Legs are level and there is no potential for the machine to rock.


What seems to be happening is the tub belts against the side of the casing and that appears to set off the out of balance sensor. I agree it is mechanical (now I have sat and watched it perform for 45 minutes). Could it be those four SEBS silicone belts have stretched and no longer hold the tub firmly enough?



Yes, if the tub moves that much and the sockets are smooth, they certainly coule be. If you try to move just the inner tub from side to side, does it knock like the tub is loose?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it does. I don't know how much movement in the system is acceptable. I was going to video this for you but have run out of time this morning. Those retaining belts are not sagging but do seem loose and are pretty easy to replace. If I buy 4 new ones I can easily check those against the old ones for stretch.


I think you have put us onto the right issue here. I have family arriving in a few days and they will want to do some washing (small children) so I cannot wait for a serviceman to call in a fortnight's time.


Thanks for that.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just spoke to spare parts and they told me if the rubber straps are not broken then that's not the issue. Don't worry about buying new ones.


They said it will be the metal suspension rods themselves that is causing the problem and the banging. Evidently, they get that problem all the time and its simply that they are worn. He said it's not that the ball joints are the issue, its the whole rod assembly that needs swapping out.




I disagree with them, especially if there is movement in the tub. You can certainly replace the suspension rods and see what happens, though. I will be interested to see what the outcome is after replacing them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Honestly, I can't see what difference replacing the galvanised suspension rods would make either. I think the spare parts division just sells the whole assembly, but they did say I can buy the straps separately.


The ball and socket joints at the base connection with the drum are rotating just fine as do the top ones, which I greased yesterday. You can see that in the video. I think I will just buy the SEBS elastic straps, fit them and try again. I don't expect the repairman will be able to come for a few weeks in any case, so I need to make an attempt to fix it in the meantime.


I will try to attach the video. It may be too large to send even after I edited it. Thanks again for helping to sort this out.






You may need to upload the video to YouTube and then send me the link.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I had trouble with uploading to YouTube, so I won't bother with the video. A repairman arrived today (warranty work) and checked the error log. Without even opening the machine he determined it needed new "shock absorbers". Will be back in four days to do the work.
Hmmm, I will be interested to see what he changes, keep me posted, please.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK. Finally the FP washer was fixed today (under an extended warranty).


He replaced the 4 "shock absorbers" (galvanised tie rod assemblies and knuckles). The grease had leaked out of the bottom ball joints / cylinder. This would have been evident to you had I been able to upload the video.


I don't think the rubber straps were replaced, but I will check tonight. He said it is a known problem with them and they rectified it from the 2012 model.


He ran one spin cycle and declared it fixed.


Thank you for your help with this. I did provide a high rating and payment last week. Can you confirm that they have sent you the money please?




Thank you, glad it is working. The rating did indeed go through and I sincerely appreciate that!