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AUSSIE- Repair Tech.
AUSSIE- Repair Tech., Appliance Technician
Category: Australia Whitegoods
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Washing machine.Front loader Electrolux EWF1087. Has blown

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Washing machine.Front loader Electrolux EWF1087.
Has blown main bearing, Jambed the barrel, motor burned through the drive belt.
Motor seems ok does all the fwd/rev/fat/slow things running freee.
Need to know a bit about changing the bearing assy. have an exploded diagramme and parts list.

Can new bearings be fitted to the old shell
Do the shells have to be separated to do so and will they require sealing on reassembly
Is there a special lube for the bearings? ( I was inclined to use Hi Temp wheel bearing grease)

AUSSIE- Repair Tech. :

You will need 2 main bearings, a new main seal, and possibly a new spider and main shaft assembly. What happens, when the bearings go, the drum starts to sag and lean forward, off it horizontal plane, and the main spider that the drum is attached to, cracks and breaks, along with the 2 bearings. Also, the shaft gets abnormal wear from this, especially if you've been using the appliance still, whilst it was on its way out... Looking at about $300 $350 in parts to do the job.... and around 2-3 hours of labor as well....

AUSSIE- Repair Tech. :

You need to remove the top panel. Unplug all the wiring connected to the main drum. Undo the drum to water pump hose and inlet hoses,anything connected to the outer tub needs to be removed.Remove the motor and the main weight that dampens the appliance. Undo the shocks, and remove the entire inner tub from the cabinet. Once you have that out, you will need to split the tub in half by undoing all the bolts, then, pull the drum off the main shaft, then pull the spider and shaft back through the rear half of the tub. Then you will have access to both bearings, and a visual of the spider and its condition(Usually damaged)... When you reassemble, all you need is the 2 bearings+ the main seal. No grease required(Bearings self lubricate) However, you might want to use a little Vaseline to make sliding the shaft through the bearings a little easier.. they need to be pressed in. The seal should come already lubricated, but some extra Vaseline wont hurt. When you get to rejoining the 2 halves of the outer tub, you will need to use a sealer to help aid with a watertight seal. Then reassemble the rest of the washer in reverse order..

AUSSIE- Repair Tech. :

Open the door of the washer,grab hold of the drum down the bottom at the front, if you have backwards and forwards movement, up and down play, then the spider will be stuffed and your up for the $300+ in parts easy... Me personally, I would be getting rid of it as this is halfway to a new washing machine with 2+ years warranty... The choice is yours though. Good luck with it.

AUSSIE- Repair Tech. :

One thing I forgot to mention, when you get the tub out of the cabinet, undo the drum pulley and remove it okay,,

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