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I have 05 GU Nissan patrol 3liter its had a new head and

Customer Question

I have 05 GU Nissan patrol 3liter its had a new head and injectors supposedly done new primer pump fitted it takes about 6to7 hours for air to get into fuel line ive taken it to a diesel injector specialist an he put it on a separate fuel system left it for 2 days started first crank I left it for 2days wouldent start air in line now its at 6/7 hours again so its must be between the pump to fueltank ive herd about injector over flow non return valve return to fuel tank could air get in through the non return valve dosent seem likely its got me beat its sat here for three mounths my email is***@******.*** stumped trev
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Eric replied 2 months ago.


Has the filter housing been checked for hairline cracks or sucking air at the lines to it by spraying some soapy water on them to check for bubble indicating a leak and sucking in air