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Marvin the Mechanic
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What was the production number on the 2011 convertible

Customer Question

what was the production number on the 2011 convertible camaro ss rs
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Marvin the Mechanic replied 8 months ago.

2011 Model Year Camaro Build Volumes -

We built a total of 106,987 Camaros in the 2011 model year. This number includes all ‘non-saleables, MVBs, CTFs, Fleet, Export – in other words – any Camaro built at Oshawa with a VIN.

Of those – 97,561 were built for the U.S. Another 4,225 were built for Canada and the rest were either Non-saleables or Exports.


3.6L SIDI DOHC 312 HP V6 LTT 64,917
6.2L SFI V8 w/Active Fuel Mgmt 400 HP (SS) L99 27,977
6.2L SFI V8 w/o Active Fuel Mgmt 426HP (SS) LS3 14,093

Automatic Transmission - 6-speed (V6) MYB 56,333
Manual Transmission - 6-speed (V6) MV5 8,584
Automatic Transmission - 6-speed (V8) MYC 27,977
Manual Transmission - 6-speed (V8) M10 14,093

Camaro 1LS 12,244
Camaro 2LS 2,039
Camaro 1LT (Coupe) 22,940
Camaro 1LT (Convertible) 2,580
Camaro 2LT (Coupe) 19,065
Camaro 2LT (Convertible) 6,049
Camaro 1SS (Coupe) 4,592
Camaro 1SS (Convertible) 470
Camaro 2SS (Coupe) 25,072
Camaro 2SS (Convertible) 11,936

Neiman-Marcus Convertible V9Z 75

Indy Pace Car Camaro Convertible Z4Z 500
(memo - 6-speed automatic transmission) 323
(memo - 6-speed manual transmission) 127
(memo- Indy Pace Car -U.S.) 450
(memo -Indy Pace Car - Canada) 50

Camaro Synergy Edition V6 AJA/AJB 103
Camaro Synergy Edition V8 AJA/AJB 255

Camaro Coupe Special XM Appearance Pkg. ABN 230

Camaro LS with Black Cloth Interior AFA 12,857
Camaro LS with Gray Cloth Interior AFB 1,426

Camaro 1LT Black Cloth AFC 21,244
Camaro 1LT Gray Cloth AFD 3,338
Camaro 1LT Beige Cloth AFE 938

Camaro 2LT Black Leather AFF 17,080
Camaro 2LT Gray Leather AFG 3,804
Camaro 2LT Beige Leather AFH 2,012
Camaro 2LT Orange Leather AFI 1,767

Camaro 1SS Black Cloth AFJ 4,421
Camaro 1SS Gray Cloth AFK 516
Camaro 1SS Beige Cloth AFL 125

Camaro 2SS Black Leather AFM 24,785
Camaro 2SS Gray Leather AFN 3,625
Camaro 2SS Beige Leather AFO 1,529
Camaro 2SS Orange Leather AAY 5,653
Synergy Green Accent Trim BDJ 934
Indy 500 Camaro Pace Car Interior Trim APO 500
Synergy Edition Interior Trim (2LT) AHO 103
Synergy Edition Interior Trim (2SS) AHQ 255
Neiman Marcus Interior Trim API 75

Black GBA 28,816
Summit White GAZ 12,754
Victory Red GCN 12,467
Silver Ice Metallic GAN 11,343
Cyber Gray Metallic GBV 7,676
Rally Yellow GCO 7,565
Red Jewel Tint-coat GAQ 7,513
Inferno Orange Metallic GCR 7,218
Imperial Blue Metallic GAP 7,170
Synergy Green Metallic GHS 4,465

RS Package WRS 67,272
(memo 1LT) 11,996
(memo 2LT) 20,451
(memo 1SS) 3,112
(memo 2SS) 31,713

Black Convertible Top 19T 19,379
Beige Convertible Top 67T 1,581
Neiman-Marcus Top 75

I hope this is what you need if not let me know.

Expert:  Marvin the Mechanic replied 8 months ago.

Please take a moment to rate my service so I can get credit for my time, the question remains open for follow up even after doing so, all you need to do is return to this question if need be.

Thank you again.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
thankyou so much i wanted the answer so fast i ended up finding the amount of cars made in that year and i looked at what you sent me that was correct at first you guys wernt getting it what i wanted but hey you came through and now my camaro is permit for left hand drive in nz just waiting to drive my car this week thank you so much