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sprinkles08, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  ASE Master and Advanced level certified. Factory trained with 15 years dealership experience
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Hallo, I have a VIII LSC 98`, I have a big problem with the

Customer Question

Hallo, I have a Mark VIII LSC 98`, I have a big problem with the car. He does not start anymore, overnight. Yesterday he started normally. I have no error codes. He does not get gasoline; the gasoline pump did not work- no electricity. I have now bridged the relay / fuel pump module, from the gasoline pump. He is now getting gasoline; the pressure is also ok. But still does not start. Fuel pump and PCM relays are new, and all Fuses are Ok.
The vehicle has been jerking for four weeks. First, the car had the error codes; P1151, P1151-C, P1506, P1506-C and P0505, the IAC valve and the plug is new, the fuel pump is new, all the ignition coils and the spark plugs are new. I've deleted all error codes, but now there are no new codes. I have tried a long time to start.
Could you please give me additional help.
Thank you very much,
Best regards, ***** *****
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  david craig replied 9 months ago.

Hi Im David, so when you jumper the fuel pump relay, the pump runs?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hallo, yes, if I jumper the fuel pump relay, the pump runs. I have power all the times on the plug "3 - 1059 (LB/O)" and power with the ignition on the "2- 361 (R)", but the fuel pump runs not, If I do not jumper the fuel pump relay. I have now a jumper from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump driver module (It is in the trunk right at the hinge). What is between the relay and the fuel pump driver module. The vehicle is not running? I am from Austria. In Austria there is no Lincoln dealer. It is also the only Mark VIII in Austria. There are many in the USA. What do you think is the fault? Thanks...
Expert:  david craig replied 9 months ago.

im back, had to run to hospital.......thanks for your patience

Expert:  david craig replied 9 months ago.

allow me to pull up a print of the circuit...thanks

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
This answer does not help me at all. The circuit I have already increased, the battery is also new. Mit the fuel pump reset button in the trunk, it does not work either. What can I do?
Expert:  david craig replied 9 months ago.

you can start by performing continuity checkes of all of the wiring from the relay to the driver module. then from the driver module to the cutout switch and from the switch to the pump. you also need to make sure the ground for the pump is ok.

Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 8 months ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

If the fuel pump doesn't run on it's own but does run when the relay is jumped then the PCM isn't controlling the relay for whatever reason. It could be a wiring issue but I suspect the PCM isn't actually awake.

Does it start when the relay is jumped?