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Experience:  Qualified Automotive Mechanic, LPG & Airconditioning Diagnostic Technician.
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I need a list of items to check/replace on my 120 series

Customer Question

I need a list of items to check/replace on my 120 series Prado to do with excessive fuel consumption, from the least expensive to the most expensive. My fuel burn is 15ltrs per 100klm. It has on the ODO 280,000klm. Just replaced the speed sensor on the transmission case as the old one stopped working. Thanks in advance...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  discostew replied 1 year ago.

Hi Matt, 15 to the 100 is massive! , have you owned it for all the 280k ,has it always drunk like a fish or gradually got like that or got like that overnight ?does it have standard size wheels & tyres ? , does it tow something huge or never tow , does it run ANY aftermarket chip or performance plug-in electronics ? , standard intake/airfilter ? ,original exhaust/mufflers ? , been serviced or messed with recently that has not been mentioned in 'already tried" section ? thanks stew

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Owned it for a year and was stock getting, me about 16-1700klm until i put roof rack on and tyres 265/75/17, bullbar, winch, suspension system. This then gave me 1400klm until just recently where now im getting 1250klms. Regulare oil changes duel battery system is new but nothing else apart from speed sensor. Not towing...
Expert:  discostew replied 1 year ago.

1)stick with litres to the 100 km please , is 15 to 100 now, used to be ???, tell me what the standard size wheel tyre combo as stated on tyre placard is , owed for a year-has regular oil changes? how many km s per year does it do ? at 280k it is way old, what mileage do you expect from it ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I used to get 12 to 100 with tyres 265/75/17, standard is 265/65/17. I don't believe the tyre sizes here are the cause of my fuel burn to now be 15 to the 100. Id be happy to get back to the 12 to 100. Regular oil changes every 10,000klm. doing about 25,000klm a year.
Expert:  discostew replied 1 year ago.

A few things , wheel diameter has increased about 20mm,engine management cannot compensate for ratio change, ever had the tappet clearances checked and reset (I doubt it,huge job on KDJ , major reason why its never done ! ), has anyone scanned it for code ?, guessing / throwing random parts at it will never make a difference

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have a obd2 reader and nothing showing up. How much would it cost to have the tappet clearences done?