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Glen i have an original vk group a now roughly 3-4 yrs ago i

Customer Question

Hi glen i have an original vk group a now roughly 3-4 yrs ago i was in the nick and som dirty rotten low life relevied me of the build tags actual body tags the trim.steering wheel gear stick nob and glove box build num a set of 16 in areos the grill now i did have sll the documentation from when i purchased the car but during my stay in the nick its some how been lost now wst i do have is engine num as motor never got taken and also the tower number and i also have past years rego papersand pink slips and ctp green slips now wat im trying to find out is how or wat can i do to gain the authenticity of the vehicle as i said i cant remember build num if i could locate the last ownrr i purchased it off i could get these details as he bought it new apparently and i also know that just before i bought the car he had it detailed and the detailers sprayed sumthing on the glove box build number and grpa silver writing and accidently removex the silver colouring inwhich he then had replaced now i know that when he did that he had to give all the cars dna to obtain the new item would there b any records of that taking place its just the way the car sits atm is a ball breaker now ive since purchased another set of wheels and a pretty rough set of trim i had a spare steering wheel and grill now i contacted hdt and apparently without that front little tag they cant give me authenticy of the car c i think its called the gm tag is there anyway that i can possibly get any sort of confrimation from gmh as to the identity of the car from rego papers engine num tower num etc any help would b so hreatlybappreciated kind regards ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Lesley,

I have owned a Group A.

What is your build number xxx/500?

There is a "Bible" that has all the numbers of all HDT cars.

Your can buy it from one of the Brock Commodore forum members.

You will unlikely get what you want from GMH.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi gary i dont know the build number thats y i was asking wat do i do all i have left is about 6-8 sets of old rego papers pinkslips etc i have the tower number and engine number and thats about it is the r e a way to get the gm number as i spoke with the bloke at hdt and he said if i had the gm number he could reproduce the actual hdt tag and give me a letter of authenticity i thought the tegister wouldve operated from the actual body or tower number as ive quoted as the body number is ***** encorperated in the tag set up isnt it thats y i thought gmh may have somthing that i could go on mow back to the bible thing how do i go about getting a copy of that as i kinda remember its build number around 245 just cant b exact and with this nible thingy is it possible to identify my brock from either the tower number or engine number anyway if u could let me know where is get a copy of that bible and is it going to b able yo help cheers ***** *****
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Les,

GMH had some stupid identication manners in the early days.

I think you need this bible:

Hopefully it will take you backwards from an engine number etc.

I can still remember mine, 448/502, build no 2905, engine number VC551104.

I think if your engine and chassis matches within the bible, that should be enough.

Your engine number is ***** correct for a Group A, should start with VC, like mine.

Getting the plates will be near impossible though.

The worst part is knowing somebody else is trying identity theft.


Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Les,

How are you going with your research?

Are you buying a bible from the ebay seller?

I do hope you get this sorted.

Kind regards.