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Lou P., ASE Certified Technician
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I had my 2007 Mercedes C180 iin regular service in last

Customer Question

I had my 2007 Mercedes C180 iin for a regular service in last December. Apart from the standard service, I was told the steering column module was defective so was replaced. The total service cost $5468.95.
With a couple of weeks, I noticed a rattling noise from the front driver side of the car when I reversed and turned. A couple of months later I realised the car was very sluggish and struggling when accelerating. In early April I took the car back to where it has always been serviced since new. I was told the rattling noise meant the alternator pulley needed to be replaced, and the reason for the sluggishness was because the engine camshaft magnets were leaking oil. Further, I was told the oil had leaked into the engine wiring harness due to the solder on the wiring loom having deteriorated over . The service sheet says that the engine cam shaft magnets and adaptors were removed and replaced the engine loom cleaned etc. That service cost $1822.65.
Within 24 hours of getting the car back, the engine light came on. I took the car back to the servive centre the next day and was then told that oil had gone all through the wiring loom that to replace that, was a further $4000!
I need someone to get to the bottom of what has really gone on here. I'm wondering why this latest really serious problem wasn't picked up earlier, or whether the service mechanic(s) caused the issue themselves.
I have had this car from new and it's only done just over 100,000kms. It has been regularly serviced by an authorised Mercedes service shop.
Interested in your opinion and whether anyone might be able to come look at the car with me, to give me a second opinion (it has been sat the service centre for over 2 months as they are waiting on the new loom to come from Germany).
Look forward to hearing from smeone who can help (happy to pay you).
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Lou P. replied 1 year ago.

Hello, i will send over a offer so we can exchange emails, i would like to look over the bills to see what cost so much money, it appears you have pretty much spent way more than the car is worth at this point, from what you are telling me here it seems like they are guessing at the issues. i will do what i can to help advise, i am in usa and getting someone from the site to come look at the car will not be possible so sorry about that, oil leaks are common in the wiring harness but rarely cause an issue since oil is not that conductive of electricity. so let me know how you want to proceed i will do whatever i can to help, Lou.