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Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Have just imported a 2015 Corvette

Customer Question

Have just imported a 2015 Corvette into New Zealand. The key is in the center console. The battery has gone flat and the vehicle has auto locked. The vehicle is stuck on the wharf as we can't move. I'm trying to get the key number out of the US dealer but this is proving difficult. I heard that I may be able to power up the starter motor from an external battery and this may unlock the vehicle as it apparently works on earlier corvettes. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
Hi Mark, My name is***** will be glad to try to help. Click on this link and see "PDF" pages 35-48 on using the transmitters etc to try to reset the system. Let me know if we need to dig deeper into this. Also, Onstar can likely disable the system for you but for that ownership must be proven and a subscription is necessary.Security system/ D manual
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
Lockout protection can be manuallyoverridden with the driver door openby pressing and holdingLock buttonon thepower door lock switch.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
The indicator light, on theinstrument panel near thewindshield, indicates the status ofthe system.Off:Alarm system is disarmed.On Solid:Vehicle is securedduring the delay to arm the system.Fast Flash:Vehicle is unsecured.A door, the hood, or the hatch/trunkis open.Slow Flash:Alarm system isarmed.Arming the Alarm System1. Turn off the vehicle.2. Lock the vehicle in one ofthree ways:.Use the RKE transmitter..Use the Keyless Accesssystem..With a door open, presslockon the interior of the door.3. After 30 seconds the alarmsystem will arm, and theindicator light will begin to slowlyflash indicating the alarm systemis operating. Pressinglockon theRKE transmitter a second timewill bypass the 30-second delayand immediately arm the alarmsystem.The vehicle alarm system will notarm if the doors are locked withthe key.If the driver door is opened withoutfirst unlocking with the RKEtransmitter, the horn will chirp andthe lights will flash to indicatepre-alarm. If the vehicle is notstarted, or the door is not unlockedby pressingunlockon the RKEtransmitter during the 10-secondpre-alarm, the alarm will beactivated.The alarm will also be activated ifthe passenger door, the hatch/trunk,or the hood is opened without firstdisarming the system. When thealarm is activated, the turn signalsflash and the horn sounds for about30 seconds. The alarm system willthen re-arm to monitor for the nextunauthorized event.Disarming the Alarm SystemTo disarm the alarm system or turnoff the alarm if it has been activated,do one of the following:.PressKon the RKE transmitter..Unlock the vehicle using theKeyless Access system..Start the vehicle.To avoid setting off the alarm byaccident:.Lock the vehicle after alloccupants have left the vehicleand both doors are closed..Always unlock a door with theRKE transmitter or use theKeyless Access system.Unlocking the driver door with thekey will not disarm the system orturn off the alarm.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
The immobilization system isdisarmed when the ignition is placedin ACC/ACCESSORY or ON/RUN/START and a valid transmitter isfound in the vehicle.You do not have to manually arm ordisarm the system.The system has one or more RKEtransmitters that are matched to animmobilizer control unit in thevehicle. Only a correctly matchedRKE transmitter starts the vehicle.The vehicle may not start if the RKEtransmitter is damaged.If the engine does not start and thesecurity light comes on, there maybe a problem with the immobilizersystem. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button again.If the vehicle does not start and theRKE transmitter appears to beundamaged, try another RKEtransmitter. Or, place the transmitterin the transmitter pocket. See“NOREMOTE DETECTED”underKeyand Lock Messages on page 5-38.Check the fuse. SeeFuses onpage 10-39. If the engine still doesnot start with the other transmitter,the vehicle needs service. If theengine does start, the firsttransmitter may be faulty. See yourdealer or have a new RKEtransmitter programmed to thevehicle.The immobilizer system can learnnew or replacement RKEtransmitters. Up to eight RKEtransmitters can be programmed forthe vehicle. To program additionaltransmitters, see“ProgrammingTransmitters to the Vehicle”underRemote Keyless Entry (RKE)System Operation on page 2-3.Do not leave the key or device thatdisarms or deactivates thetheft-deterrent system in the vehicle.

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