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I love the sound of my Maserati Ghibli s when I max out the

Customer Question

I love the sound of my Maserati Ghibli s when I max out the revs.
I drove an audi rs6plus the other day and I couldn't believe the sound it made when you pushed it flat out and then took your foot off the accelerator . it had that great racing car sound when they come to a sharp hairpin bend at the end of a long straight almost a bang the a gurgle.
is it possible to create this on my Ghibli
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Scott replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,
The fundamental difference that works against your replication of the Audis exhaust note is the fact that the Audi is a V8, where the Maserati is a V6. V8's are renowned for producing a distinct note due to the ignition timing in concert with exhaust tuning.

You could look at the possibility of modifying the wastegate dump & exhaust tuning on the Maserati to create something different to stock, but I would be careful modifying anything if the vehicle is still under warranty.
First stop may be an aftermarket turbocharging specialist. They are frequently called on to do precisely what you are asking, but pretty obviously not anything from the Maserati line very often.
I don't know of any business in new Zealand that specialises in Modifying late Maseratis, so there may be some trial & error involved. It would be nearly impossible to 'hurt' an engine via playing with the exhaust after the wastegate or dump valve, so that may be a possible course of action..
Best of luck & happy motoring!