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Gary, Australia Car Mechanic
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Caprice will not start after being switched off after very

Customer Question

Caprice will not start after being switched off after very short running period. Battery good and on charge. Will turn over with started motor but will not fire.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Michael,

2004 Caprice, so it is a WK Caprice (VY Commodore model range)?

Ecotec V6?

Sounds like a no-spark or no fuel condition.

Can you remove 2 spark plug leads from one coil pair at the coil, like 6 & 3, then crank the engine, to see if sparks jump across the coil towers?


Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Michael,

How have you gone with your no-start condition?

Have you tried as I suggested above?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Michael Waddington
1:11 PM (23 hours ago)to JustAnswer
Gary, I got the car going by recharging the battery which I never let go flat and turned it over and keeping it turning over until it fired after 4 hours delay. I now know it is a common problem with this type of engine . I tried to cancel the question to you after I noticed that the just-answer was a commitment for $45 per month which I was not prepared to pay. I initially understood the payment was a once only and I clicked end but the initial payment had gone through. So I wish you a very Merry Christmas and set about sorting the problem out without assistance. As you probably have noticed I did not open your initial replays until now so I did not use or misuse your advice.Regards
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

All the best Michael.