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My Ford Falcon 1999AU station wagon Won't start. It showed

Customer Question

My Ford Falcon 1999AU station wagon
Won't start.
It showed NO indication of s problem before this.
My battery was replaced about 4-5 months ago by my mechanic.
I'd been staying at my mothers because she wasn't well &'I'd been driving the car all
That time.
I drove it that morning & then about lunchtime I went to home &
It simply wouldn't kick over. It made all the right noises it always does when I start it but it JUST wouldn't get past the initial
Turn of the key Grrrr But NO Broom..?
I have the original owners manual & after perusing that I'm thinking it could
Possibly be a fuel blockade??
It has 117 klm DTE
I KNOW that it had been Run out of Petrol A few times in the last few months.
Seems it's not calibrating correctly?
It ran out For ME when it said 9klm DTE
It ran out again 4 me not long after that time BUT this was about 6-8 months ago.
Since then I have knowledge that its run out a couple of time when a "Friend" drove it. But this is what HE tells Me..!!?
I just KNOW that these cars Do Not appreciate Being Run out Of Petrol.
The battery is Flat & I has a friend try
To Jump
Star a me today. Her Car is the same
Make and year but
It's the Futura model. At first it
Just went Click
Click click then after we let her car run with leads connected to mine for about 10 minutes it was definitely gaining charge. It stopped the clicking and was starting behave as it should. If the battery was to be re-charged I believe it wouldn't make
Any difference it would be like it was when it first would turn over.
Ok that a VERY Comprehensive history of what's happened I
Can Anyone PLEASE suggest what I should NOW do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Justanswer!

I'm assuming that the battery has just been run down due to the crank/no start condition, which was the original issue you had.

If the engine cranks but doesn't start it could be missing fuel, spark or both. If it's missing both then most likely the powertrain control module isn't awake, but if the starter does crank then odds are the PCM is ok.

With it being repeatedly run out of fuel I would first suspect a fuel pump failure. The only thing that cools the pump is the fuel it sits in, running the tank low or running it out of fuel will overheat the pump motor.

With the battery charged the first thing I would recommend is seeing if the fuel pump runs when the key is first turned on. If not and fuses are good you can try swapping the pump relay, make sure the inertia switch is in the run position, and if ok then the next step would be to test power and ground at the pump before condemning it.