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I own a 2013 nissan patrol wagon and since i got it from the

Customer Question

Hi i own a 2013 nissan patrol wagon and since i got it from the dealership it has had this problem when i drive over sharp bumps in the road it has a high pitched chirp sound it makes no noise when driving on a smooth road or when turning and you can only hear the noise when the windows are down please help because this is driving me nuts
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Scott replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,
There's a number of possible sources for the noise. Unfortunately this is not a common issue so there's no easy way pinpointing the source. It's pretty much guaranteed to be either a defective shock absorber or a loose control arm bushing though. First up, if the vehicle is still under warranty, you'll need to raise the issue with a dealer. It may take some perseverance on your part to get them to spend the time to locate it though - usual dealer 'form' is to be expected.
Other options re locating the source of it include independent chassis specialists like Pedders, who deal with a lot of SUV's & 4WD's.
You could attempt to locate it yourself, armed with an aerosol of WD40 or similar. Use the extension nozzle & squirt some on the shock absorber shaft on the suspect 'corner' of the car & test drive. If it goes away or changes significantly, you will have found the source. Note that this is a 'positive' test, in that if the noise remains even after lubricating, it doesn't mean the part is 'good' necessarily, but if it does go away - you've found it..
I hope this helps!