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Clement i was wondering if you could help me with a question

Customer Question

hey clement i was wondering if you could help me with a question i need answered i would be really gratefull if you could. my girlfriend recently bought a vz holden crewman with around 200 thousand ks on the clock. i am not very familiar with cars myself so i am a bit lost with what the problem would be so i will start from all the problems theirs been. a few months back the battery died and needed recharging no biggie, she says the guy who came to charge it told her it might need to be replaced soon. it has not yet been replaced. not long after that im not sure exactly the time period she started getting the check power train light, at first it was not a big issue and it would go away if u turned the car off and back on, as weeks went past it got worse and she was putting off getting it looked at, it got to the point where it was on everytime she turned the car on and was shaking, the car also loses exhilaration. she took it down the road to a nearby mechanics and they said they scanned it and it came up with a cyclinder 3 coil missfire, they replaced the spark plug and coil 3 and said they reset the codes. as soon as she started driving the problem was back almost straight away, the engine sounded different and slightly smoother but nothing dramatically changed and the car still shakes, shutters and dosent seemed to have improved a dramatic amount, she called up today to tell them and they told her the car needs to be serviced and thats why and to take it in and they will service it, i dont know much about cars, but i didnt see how a service would help the problem as im sure its something specific, I decided to take the Ecu fuse out for 20 minutes and put it back in to see if that would help. when i did that it seemed to run ok for about 15 minutes but then started doing the same thing. i think theres a problem with the ecu or pcm or some computer problem , but she seems to beleive she just needs a new battery, other suspicions i have are the other 2 coils or the fuel injectors but like i said i really have no idea. my girlfriend dosent have much money has 2 kids and needs her car for work so itd be really nice to find a way to fix the problem without spending a fortune if it can be avoided, i was just wondering if u could maybe give us some enlightenment on what to do. greatly appreciated thankyou
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,

I work for Holden, so I'll try to help you here.

With 200 thousand kms on the clock, it could have one or more of many reasons why your car is not right.

Could be carboned valves not seating, other coil (especially if non-genuine), weak failing fuel pump, wiring fault at fuel pump, faulty ECM, fuel injectors blocking up, stretched timing chains, cam phaser issues from poor service history etc.

So, to me, I can see you spending some money, could be $300, could be $3000.

I would certainly get it looked at asap.

I see it a lot these days, where the owner doesn't think it will be much, and like this week, we quoted 3 engines.

Hope this is some guidance for you.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it does help gary yes, but just wondering if i take it into a mechanic do you think they will actually be able to properly diagnose the problem. or will we end up replacing alot of things just to try and figure out what it is and then buy a whole bunch of un neccesary items.
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.

My background is mainly Holden dealership tech. I'm Gold Certified.

I have also worked in a service station and carburettor shop.

As a service station mechanic, I would not have and major out there would not have all the resources the dealer has.

The dealer has full diagnosis from workshop manual plus the correct scan tool for diagnosis (TECH2).

So although a dealer may charge a little more per hour, it would still be worth them looking at your car.

They certainly won't be changing parts until they find something.