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Holden TS Astra: I have a 2003 Holden Astra 1.8 auto. It goes

Customer Question

I have a 2003 Holden Astra 1.8 auto. It goes into limp mode. Fault codes P1895, ECM actual torque signal malfunction, P0725 Engine speed circuit input, P1700 trans service required and p0335 crank angle sensor. I have changed the crank angle sensor, MAF, cleaned throttle body, changed coil pack. It runs fine for a short time than limp mode. The only way to drive it is manually select gears.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,I work for Holden, I'll try to help you.A T/L (techline) was published for this condition.It would be best to take it a Holden dealer.I have attached it here, but it is fairly technical, and the ECM may need to reprogrammed.Gary Author:Alan StrackDate:02/05/2002Category:Legacy VehiclesReference:TL0209-0201DTC P0335 Misfire/Crank Rev. Sensor Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction - TS with Z18XE EngineThis Techline item is supplied to assist in the diagnosis of DTC P0335 (crank sensor fault code) and it’s associated DTC’s – P0700, P1700 and P1895.The information is provided so technicians can carry out diagnosis to determine and correct the most likely cause of these codes.PROBLEM DESCRIPTIONCustomer complains of engine misfire and Code P0335 is found during diagnosis of complaint.SERVICE RECTIFICATIONSummary: Check for fuel contamination, good terminal connections, replace Crank Sensor, Re-flash where required.1. Check fuel filter for water entry to fuel system. Replace filter if required.2. Carry out a terminal security, condition and retention check on both ECU and Crank Revolutions Sensor terminals. Correct any terminal problems that may be found. NOTE: use Special Tools KM-609-20 and KM-609-21 for ECU terminals.3. Carry out a continuity check between the Crank Revolutions Sensor and ECU, and correct any problems that are defined by this check.4. Replace Crank Revolutions Sensor.5. If the ECU is not already flash programmed with ECU Software Version 09(###) ###-####– re-flash the ECU using TIS CD 23 or later.Should DTC P0335 re-occur after the above process – contact TAS for further instructions.Additional Diagnosis Hints & Information:· Misfire codes are also induced by interruptor ring problems, P0335 will sometimes log with these codes.· Special Tools – KM-609-20 & KM-609-21 comprise 3 each terminal test leads for ECU. It is recommended you order one of each of these test lead kits for ECU terminal checking. The complete KM-609 Kit contains a comprehensive range of test leads for all you dealership’s wiring test needs.· Most important terminals to look at for this condition are 5 & 37 on the X58 connector.· When checking DTC P0335 with Tech2, the causes {the “identifiers”(1), (4) or (8) as shown by Tech2} may be one of the following:(1) - ONE of the crank wires is opencircuit.(4) - No crank signal found (probably bothwires open circuit).(8) - Number of teeth not plausible (couldbe wiring or an engine problem).· FIP (Fault Isolation Process) C-06 in TIS2000 – is your normal DTC diagnosis procedure.PARTS INFORMATIONRefer to PartFinder for current Crank Revolutions Sensor part number.WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATIONDescriptionDiagnose/Correct P0335Labour Op. No.J000707Time1.0 hrFailure Code47Commercial in Confidence(c) Holden Ltd
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. At last somebody who knows what he is talking about. I know it's rather complicated but does seem possible. I just have one last question. My car is out of rego at the moment till I get this problem fixed. Can I swap a known good ECU and key reader to cure problem or can I take ECU to Holden with pin code and have them reprogram it. If it all works out you will get 5 stars from me.
Thanks again
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.
Hi Ray,You don't need to change the key reader (immobiliser), but that is what some do when they don't have access to the programming tools that a Holden dealer will have.If you have a good known ECU, it needs to be reset (unlinked from immobiliser), code needed here.Then you fit it to your car and link it to your immobiliser with your code.If you don't know the code/s I can get them for you, just post your VIN numbers from both cars.The new ECU would be worthwhile to get SPS programmed if updates are needed.Hope this helps.Gary
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
2003 Astra 1.8 auto Vin W0L0TGF4835252054.
2003 Astra 1.8 auto Vin W0L0TGF6935145759
Thanks Gary you deserve more than 5 stars.
I like these cars and love fixing them for my kids to drive. This one is a real learning curve, thanks to your good information it's just about ready.
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.
Hi Ray,VIN ending in 2054 is a blue city hatch, immobiliser 8934, radio 5696.VIN ending in 5759 is a silver city sedan, immobiliser 4828, radio 9933.You'll need a Tech2 to do the swap.Gary
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Gary
Just a little follow up on Astra problem. I swapped ECU and immobiliser from spares car to no avail. Engine ran for a few seconds, shut down and would not restart.
Put the ECU and immobilizer back into spares car which had no problems. Started car and got same error codes and symptoms as first astra. I than realisied I had not put crank angle sensor in engine. I fitted crank angle sensor, cleared all error codes started engine and everything was back to normal.
From this I have deduced the problem is in the wiring from the crank angle sensor or still possibly the ECU.
Thanks for all the help
Expert:  Gary replied 2 years ago.
Hi Ray,Sorry it hasn't worked out for you as yet.I would suggest it would be best to take it to a Holden dealer for further diagnosis.RegardsGary