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Mitsubishi Challenger: Apparently my car has a fuel cut off

Customer Question

Apparently my car has a fuel cut off switch in case of an accident but am having trouble locating it 2 reset it, is a Mitsubishi Challenger '98 3.5L p/a- there's no power gettin 2 the fuel pump...any advice would b much appreciated pls?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Hi,This vehicle does not use any dedicated fuel cut off. Mitsubishi instead routes the power through the crank position sensor to shut down the fuel pump in case of an accident.By handling it this way it removes any need for an "Extra" part to fail, but still effectively prevents a fuel hazard, since any accident that would rupture a fuel line would of course cause the engine to stall when the fuel pressure was lost, and when the crank position sensor signal goes away, the power is cut to the pump preventing it from pumping any more.If you have no power to the pump, check your crank position sensor first... make sure there is 12V and 5V on the harness when the key is on, and if so make sure that when back probed on the 5V line you have a steady square wave when the engine is rotating. If you do not or if the square wave is dirty etc, replace the crank sensor.If you DO have a good square wave, and so you also have good spark and fuel injector pulse, but just no power to the pump, then start tracing your fuel pump wiring for issues, including the MFI/Pump relays.