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Mitsubishi Outlander LS: can you swap a 2014 mitsubishi outlander

Customer Question

can you swap a 2014 mitsubishi outlander ls 2.4l petrol engine automatic four wheel drive with a 2014 mitsubishi outlander 2.2l diesel engine automatic four wheel drive in the
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
In short... no, you can not.
While the engines both fit obviously, nearly everything is different between the two vehicles when configured with one engine versus the other. The extent of ease of such a swap would be limited to the engine bolting to the frame, that is it. From that point on you would need the entire wiring harness under the hood as they are wired completely differently, you would need the transmission as they are different, you would need the fuel and emission lines as they are different, you would need the forward interior harness and gauge cluster which is different, you would need the engine computer of course but also the ETACS which is coded to which engine you have, and then you would need the ETACS recoded to your chassis as well.
Basically.... you would need an entire donor vehicle to accomplish this type of swap. The similarities between the two vehicles are the body and seats/cosmetics... the mechanical and electrical differences are night and day and you could not swap the engine without transferring half the vehicle over with it.