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indy-tech, Australia Car Mechanic
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  All import and domestic car repairs and diagnostics
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Toyota 79 series cruiser ute: I'm replacing a diff in my mates

Customer Question

I'm replacing a diff in my mates 79 series cruiser ute (2003)
I'm a mechanic by trade but can't find diff retaining bolts, axle retaining bolts, uni's and wheel bearing lock nut torque spec anywhere.
Good with hands but no so much with computers.
Just need the specs please
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  indy-tech replied 2 years ago.
Hi .

Rear Axle / Suspension

Hub Lock nut (Full Floater) 65 f/lb
Axle shaft Nuts (Full Floater) 25 f/lb
Filler/Drain Plugs 58 f/lb
Differential Pinion Shaft Pin 14 f/lb
Differential Carrier Retaining Nuts 35 f/lb
Companion Flange Nuts 160 f/lb
Spring Shackle Nuts 47 f/lb
Spring Bracket Pin Nuts 47 f/lb
U-Bolt Nuts 60 f/lb
Shock Absorber Retaining Nuts 32 f/lb

Front Axle, Front Suspension and Steering

Steering Knuckle Arm/Steering Knuckle 49 f/lb
Steering Knuckle/Knuckle Spindle/Bashing Plate 13.5 f/lb
Axle Hub/Free Wheel Hub Body 21.7 f/lb
Axle Hub/Axle Outer Shaft Flange 22.8 f/lb
Steering Knuckle Spindle/Lock Nut 65 f/lb
Steering Gear Housing and Cover 27 f/lb
Steering Gear Housing Bracket 34 f/lb
Sector Shaft/Pitman Arm 130 f/lb

Rgds Greg