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Hilux sr5: Glenn ,Have a 2009 manual gear box hilux had

Customer Question

Hi Glenn ,Have a 2009 manual gear box hilux had no problem with fifth gear until box was stripped to run a bearing kit through it at 104000 Kims (front input shaft bearing was noisy) now we have a problem after installing the box where after you select fifth and let foot off clutch grating noise can be heard and will not hold in fifth ,box has been out and checked by the two mechanics who worked on it to do the bearing change,selected travel etc is all within spec and everything looks to be ok
Can you shed any light on this problem?
Regards Wes
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Scott replied 2 years ago.
Hi there, Wes,
I may be able to shed some light here. It certainly sounds like 5th is not engaging fully. Now I'm not entirely familiar with the shift mechanism on this box, but it will be of the 'internal shift rail' design, with the shifter housing bolted to the top of the box (I think that's the case here), or external shift lever design, with linkages attached to the side of the box back to the shift lever assy bolted to the floorpan.
If the former, the shifter housing needs to be removed with the box in neutral & the 5th/reverse rail located & using a screwdriver or similar, the box moved into 5th. If that engages the gear, there's an issue with the shifter assy. If it cannot be fully engaged, the issue is internal to the box, possibly the shifter fork installed the wrong way round on the rail..
I hope this helps - any further questions here please feel free to ask..