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Volkswagen up!: vw up! brakes squeak in the wet only and sometimes

Customer Question

vw up! brakes squeak in the wet only and sometimes squeak when reversing. Pads have bee cleaned several times so this does not seems to be the problem.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Trev replied 2 years ago.
Welcome to just answer
The squealing is most likely caused by one of three things....
There is likely to be a lip on the brake discs, water gets into this and when you press the brakes this causes a squealing noise, the way to rectify this is to replace the disc or remove the lip.
The brakes need lubrication on the moving parts, using a copper compound grease, the slide pins, backs of the pads (not the actual surfaces that touch the disc) and the parts of the pad that sit into the brake pad carrier.
The only other thing that can cause it is the quality of the pads, cheaper pads tend to have a higher ferrous metal content in the friction lining, this tends to be noisy, especially of there are any large particles of metal in there.
Hope this helps.