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Mechanic Martyn
Mechanic Martyn, Australia Car Mechanic
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  Advanced trade certificate in Automotive engineering
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Holden commodore: martyn...I have a temperature problem

Customer Question

Hi martyn...
I have a temperature problem with my vt commodore wagon...
Keeps alerting me its hot... wont do it everydauy but has been a problem over the last couple months....
The other day it totally overheated and thermo fans were still going after the car was off and radiator was checked to find it was bone dry... water is put in on nearly a every second day ...
No one of my mechanic friends have a clue what's wrong....
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  Mechanic Martyn replied 2 years ago.
That's pretty serious.
How did you bleed the radiator?
Leaks are pretty hard to find unless you pressure test the cooling system.
I ran across a commodore that had a freeze plug leak behind the right hand exhaust manifold. Emptied the cooling system over a couple of days. It was easier to take the engine out and to all the freeze plugs at once.
Also there is a black bung in the top of the thermostat housing that must be out when you fill the cooling system from empty - that releases any air in the system.
Also it would be a good idea to get the system pressure tested I imagine one of your mechanic mates could put their hands on a pressure tester - do it with the engine up to operating temperature and check for leaks then.
And finally a "Teekay" test - or head check this is a test that uses a liquid sensitive to Carbon monoxide to test for a possible blown head gasket. A good garage can perform that test - it's not the sort of gear a handyman usually has.
Don't forget to check the radiator cap either - that lets out huge amounts of coolant when they fail.
Kind regards
Mechanic Martyn
Expert:  Mechanic Martyn replied 2 years ago.
How did you get on?
Did you solve the problem?
Kind regards
Mechanic Martyn
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yea its booked in for a test to check whats wrong next week
Expert:  Mechanic Martyn replied 2 years ago.
Make sure they don't rush it, leave it on pressure for at least 10 mins unless coolant starts pouring out immediately.
Kind regards
Mechanic Martyn
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks martyn...
Damn car started to rise in temp again this morning after being fine for the last 4 days...
Topped radiator up with water before I left home and maybe 10 minutes into the drive the temp rose. Not enough for the alarm to go tho...
Hopefully it can b sorted out on tuesday when they do that test
Expert:  Mechanic Martyn replied 2 years ago.
It will be good to sort this problem
Kind regards
Mechanic Martyn

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