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Holden rodeo: My 2003 Holden rodeo 3ltd had check 4wd flashing

Customer Question

My 2003 Holden rodeo 3ltd had check 4wd flashing light and I reset it by Holden the 4wd buttons in. Then everything went well it was engaging 4wd, then it was stuck in 4wd and I couldn't engage 2wd. Tried resetting multiple times and got no result. So I checked all the car fuses and relays but we're all good. Next I checked the rear and front actuators. I pulled the cover off the rear actuator and there's 3 sprockets inside with the vacuum line on the cover which is a Denison. Tried changing between 4wd to see if the problem was there but looked good. Then I put the cover back on. Then started the car again, now the car revs out and turns itself off within 20 secs and the engine light is on. What can I do from here?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!
Not shifting in and out of four wheel drive could be a few things including the module, wiring, and the transfer case motor. There are vacuum solenoids for the front axle disconnect but they shouldn't prevent the transfer case from shifting.
The most common issue would be the transfer case motor itself. The first step in diagnosing the problem will be to see what fault codes are setting in the transfer case module.
The engine dying could be quite a few things. If the engine light has come on there is a good chance you're losing spark due to a cam or crank sensor issue if it dies abruptly. A loss of fuel pressure under these conditions almost surely wouldn't set a code. The first step in diagnosing this issue will be to see what fault codes are setting in the powertrain control module.