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Toyota Sprinter/Corolla: I have a 1986 toyota sprinter/corolla.

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I have a 1986 toyota sprinter/corolla. (Carb/auto) Rough idle, needs gas pumped in the morning, sometimes stalls once put into gear, vibration when stopped at traffic lights, and poor response to accelerator (loss of power).

?? my mechanic seams lost
Hi there,
Assuming the basics are sound, next is a vacuum test to determine if it's pulling adequate vacuum for the carby to work properly. If it's low at idle (like less than about 17ins) One needs to check for vacuum leaks.
I note the mechanic hasnt done a carby rebuild. It's most likely the source of low power, other than a vacuum leak. I would be paying particular attention to the accelerator pump circuit..
If it's a cold running problem moreso than when warm, the auto choke will need attention. It should be set up with the carby rebuild..
When this is done I would set the ignition timing with a vacuum gauge & timing light. I usually set about 10 degrees initial & test drive..
They weren't rocket ships when new, especially as an auto, so any power loss is quite noticeable, I'm sure. It shouldnt be a difficult one to bring it back to reasonable performance..
I hope this helps!

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