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Mechanic Martyn
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Ford laser: I have a laser 2000 model .1.6 , auto trans when

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I have a laser 2000 model .1.6 , auto trans when going to change to third jumps in to limp home mode and flashes hold light . only does this first time in mornings . After switching off and restarting straight away all good for the rest of day . have changed oil and filter and three large solenoids in pan .
Hello - I would actually say the problem is more likely to be a faulty throttle position switch not a fault in the transmission. The TPS (throttle position switch) wears out and what happens is the vehicle just doesn't know where your foot is all it has is the speed sensor to go by and the gear position so it just defaults to limp home mode.
When you restart you probably move the throttle enough to reset it and away you go - it's common across a whole range of cars. Lots of Auto's get rebuilt only to find it's this problem.
Mechanic Martyn
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for reply . phone lines have been down last couple of days . Thanks telstra. sorry about delay to reply . I will try one today and let you know results . fingers crossed

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have just fitted new tps with no change . do you think it could be computer related . also got code out of it , eventualy, it was P0730 and P0328 (knock sensor). Hard to think its mechanical with after switch off problem goes . have tried warming up before driving with no difference
. any other suggestions would be appreciated

OK the p0730 code gives us - surprise suprise - "Incorrect gear ratio"
the causes are listed as.
1. wiring
2. TR sensor/switch
3. shift solenoids
4. transmission mechanical fault.

The next this is to check the transmission range sensor/ switch - their is a process for adjusting these things to but if you mark the old one and line up a replacement one with the new marks things usually go well - I recall there is some tool needed.....but it should be ok to line it up and go from there.
Check all the wiring loom down to the gearbox - all it takes is one slightly poor connection - same as for the tps and things go wrong.
Check to see if the TR switch isn't leaking oil out - if it is then it will be full of dirty contacts.
Mechanic Martyn
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