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Toyota 2000 Series Landcruiser Diesel 4.5L Sahara: My Vehicle

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My Vehicle is 2011 diesel Toyota Sahara Landcruiser. There has been some issue with oils used by Toyota at services. Mainly the reccomended oil is 5W-30 - but they insist on using 10W30 or on one 15W40? As they do not know where I travel either hot or cold areas - I feel that the should be using the recommended oil of 5W-30 - would this seem reasonable? Or if you can give me more tech info to challenge this?
You are quite correct they should be using the recommended grade of oil for the Sahara.
In a warm to hot climate it is often the case that places will justify using the 10w or 15w on the grounds that the ambient temperature isn't very cold. However neither deliver the same start up protection of the 5w - basically a thinner oil when cold - can.
The issue is about lubricating the finer parts of the engine when it's cold and the pump can move the thinner stuff around more easily.
The issue too is Toyota spend a fortune on oil research - choosing the right one and it's probably best to follow their advice.
Also - shouldn't they have talked to you about it first? To me that in itself seems reasonable.
I always discuss oil choices with my customers. There is a trade off often in price and quality but the customer should be informed what going into their equipment before it's too late.

Mechanic Martyn
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