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Rover SD1 VITESSE: I need a recommendation of a turbo kit that

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I need a recommendation of a turbo kit that would be suitable for 2 engines I want to adapt. I would like to do a twin-turbo for my Rover 3.5 v8 and a single turbo for the Rover 2.6 straight six. (Both engines are in SD1's) Can you recommend a firm or firms who supply suitable kits please, and tell me what difficulty might be involved. I know Janspeed used to supply low pressure kits that took about 40 hours to fit, including lowering the CR to 8.5:1, but they no longer do so. Perhaps you know a good book on the subject. Thankyou.

I'm afraid due to the age of these engines there's no 'kit' of parts available

you'd have to source the parts required individually

I'd suggest some background reading 1st and this book is excellent

then be prepared to make your own exhaust manifolds and intake pipework to meet a suitable intercooler ( to keep costs down I'd look at one off a diesel engine /scrapyard donor)

I budget on a DIY install costing about $3000 in parts plus a days worth of mapping on the rollers to get the fuelling and ignition right
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