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vauxdoc, GM master tech
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I have a holden vectra zc 2005 model cdx with the 3.2l v6 and

Resolved Question:

I have a holden vectra zc 2005 model cdx with the 3.2l v6 and auto. The car normally drives fine,but once the car is warm the auto transmission has a mind of it's own. The auto clunks and slips ans makes noises. on take off it will thud into gear violently,1st to 2nd gear the box will slip and when you decelerate from 2nd to 1st gear it bang and thuds. I am convinced it is something minor as the car usually drives great,but it is starting to happen more often.

Car has 160000kms on the clock but looks and drives like new with a full holden service history.

Perhaps it need a new valve body as it may be faulty or warped.That is one suggestion i have had.

When plugged into a scanner no fault codes come up and the car has has all the latest software upgrades done by Holden. This is why i am at a loss to explain what is happening.I have taken the car to Holden and other mechanics and they can't find the problem. It isn't in my head ,my mates are like what the hell is wrong with your car
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  vauxdoc replied 7 years ago.
Welcome to Just Answer, There are software updates for poor/erratic shifting but as you say Holden have checked them.

I wouldn't do anything too drastic like pulling the box apart just yet .

First I would change the transmission fluid and then see how it goes, my local auto box centre has a large flushing machine that clears out the system then replenishes the oil, maybe there is a place like this in your area.

The device you mention is the "neutral control solenoid" if it were disconnected the fault warning would come on, this guy might be able to kid it by fitting a resistor into the wiring.

I hope this helps, best regards, Vauxdoc
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

im sure we have serviced the transmission recently.should i replace the oil again?how would changing/flushing the oil help.??


Have you come across this before?? what do you think is the problem in your expert opinion?im sure holden or opel must have come across this problem before.


what would it involve to get to the solenoid out??-


should i visit an automatic transmission repair shop? as holden aren't very helpful.

Expert:  vauxdoc replied 7 years ago.
Hi, My experience is from my UK Vauxhall background which is the same as Opel.

Normally the transmission fluid is filled for life unless used in extreme operating conditions and a fault as you describe could be contaminated fluid.

We are having lots of problems at the moment with mainly Astra "H" and Vectra "C" where the oil cooler leaks a small ammount of coolant into the box and this plays havoc particulary with the output speed sensor, this is well known to Opel/Vauxhall and I don't why your Holden dealer doesn't know or consulted the data base, there are technical bulletins published for this concern.

The advice to fush comes from these bulletins,if it is down to coolant (as i say a small only can cause havoc) then the radiator will need replacing before complete transmission failure.

As for removal of the neutral solenoid i would not advise but if your guy has a good track record then it is a gamble you could take.

Regards, Vauxdoc.

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