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My daughter had the key to her Holden Astra CDX..unlock..locksmith

Customer Question

My daughter had the key to her Holden Astra CDX stolen at the weekend. No one seems to know how to unlock the car? RACV, locksmith and holden dealer have all tried to replicate the key. They are saying now that there must be something wrong with the barrel thread? and they can't calibrate the computer till they get the door open.
The poor kid is about to lose her mind. What else can we try?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Australia Car
Expert:  James replied 8 years ago.
ok its pretty simple when the cars are sold by holden they keep a record of the cars lock details so heres the problem either they have stuffed up the codes when they were inputed or your car has had parts like locks or your BCM changed. BCM is the body controll moduel this controlls all the locks in your car. OK so starting to solve your problem you need to get a printout of your car details from holden. once you have that you can start by getting someone or holden to make sure that its the origional BCM is in the car if the origional it should match the code details page. with they key its the same deal On the paper they will give you, it has the code for the key, they would of just cut the key off the code on that details page . so confirm your locks and BCM are the right ones they are trying to code your key to As i said its pretty simple match the numbers if the numbers dont match then you either need to match the numbers this could be almost impossible or replace the locks and the bcm and have it all recoded this could be expensive but should be covered under warrenty or insurnace. i hope this info has helped