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clint, Australia Car Mechanic
Category: Australia Car
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Experience:  15 years experience on light vehicles and heavy vehicles.
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Hi.Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 1989 Diesel. 2H Motor.

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Hi.Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 1989 Diesel. 2H Motor.
I have a fuel blockage problem. I changed the fuel filter. still dodgy. Is there anything else in the fuel line BEFORE the filter i.e a water trap or pump in the tank it self?
Engine runs for 5 seconds or so then stalls. Fuel pump in tank?
Thanks, Dave.

Hi Mate,

On the top of the desial pump past the filter there is a banjo type hose fitting inside that connection is a small mesh thimble type filter check to make sure it is clean if you still have troubles try getting sume clear hose and connect it to both sides of the filter and see if it is drawing air if so look for worn hose clambs or brittle hoses and last to try is get sume one to help keep the revs up and bleed each injector by loosing of pipe connections GOOD LUCK

Dave, and Clint, Sorry to butt in, but I have one of these and I had the same problem. The engine has a low oil pressure cut off switch that will exhibit the exact signs you are describing. On start up the engine wil run for a few seconds then shuts down as if you turn the key off. Check your pressure relief valve on the front of the engine ( lower right side) on the timing cover. Item number 15131. The most common problem is usually too high pressure due to this valve sticking and blowing the oil filter clean off the engine, But there have been plenty of instances of it sticking open and no oil pressure is felt at the switch, resulting in the engine continuiously shutting down. Try this and also look at the switch itself. Try Ebay item number 140293546209 for a kit.. Cheers Mark.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried disconnecting the fuel line before the filter
(and hand pump on the injector pump)... and installed a make shift tank out of a bottle...
i re-primed the lines from this make shift tank and the engine ran fine... so this tells me the blockage is either in the main fuel tank or in the line between the tank and the filter.
Is there a fuel pump in the main tank that could be blocked or no working?
sounds like I may have to drain the tank and clean it.
Cheers, dave.
Dave, well it certainly sounds like it was not the same problem as mine, so I will opt out and let Clint take over from here. It was his question in the first place. Cheers Mark

Hi Dave,

If you think it may be blocked in the tank good idea to drain it and check the pick up it has a gorse filter on the end and it may be blocked also you may have a bad batch of desial so try to get fresh stuff for it and also you might of got a faulty filter so i think if you could go over the hole system and try to think of other things that might be sus.

clint, Australia Car Mechanic
Category: Australia Car
Satisfied Customers: 14
Experience: 15 years experience on light vehicles and heavy vehicles.
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