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What type suspension does a 2004Audi a8 quantro have and how

Customer Question

what type suspension does a 2004Audi a8 quantro have and how does it work?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 7 months ago.

Hi, I'm Chad. Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question and I will be posting your reply ASAP.

Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 7 months ago.

This you front & Rear suspension parts & compnenst

please click on link to view

40 Clacking noise from front upper suspension or bushings torn (B6) 40 10 08(###) ###-####3 July 15, 2010 Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 40 number 08-08 dated October 30, 2008 for reasons listed below.

Zoom and Print Options

Affected Vehicles

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Clacking or clunking noise coming from front suspension area.

No vehicle stability issues are associated with this concern.

Technical Background

The front upper link(s) bushing is worn or torn.

Production Solution

Not applicable.


Inspect Front Upper Link Suspension

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Visually inspect the front suspension upper link rubber bushing (Figure 1, 1) on all four upper links for damaged bushings. Confirm wear as shown in Figures 2-5:

Wear may entail:

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^ The rubber is clearly cracked, as in Figure 2.

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^ The bushing insert is displaced due to a complete rip in the bushing, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.

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^ At any stage of deterioration the link is always captured and will not result in reduced vehicle stability.

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^ The bushing insert has a hairline crack in the surface, as shown between the green lines in Figure 5.

A hairline crack in the surface (as shown in Figure 5) does not require the bushing to be replaced.

If the rubber is clearly cracked (as shown in Figure 2) or the bushing insert is displaced (as shown in Figures 3 and 4), replace all four rubber bushings (Figure 1, 1) with part 8D0 407 515 C on all upper links as per the Upper Link Bushing Replacement instructions below and in ElsaWeb.

Upper Link Bushing Replacement

1. Remove front and rear links from the vehicle on both sides as described in the ElsaWeb Repair Manual, under 40 Front suspension >> Upper link, removing and installing. Follow proper predecessor repair procedure.

Carefully remove the link ball joint from the wheel bearing housing to avoid damaging the linkage stubs so the links may be reused.

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2. Once the links are removed from the vehicle, hold the link in a vice with protective jaw covers. Assemble the 3348 and 3301 tools as shown in Figure 6, and tighten nut until the bushing is pressed out.

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3. Place and align the new bushing in the link as shown in Figure 7 with the cutouts (see arrows) placed and aligned in the link according to Angle A. This angle must be 90° +/- 1°.

Improper alignment of the bushing may cause premature wear and failure of this bushing.

Zoom and Print Options

4. Press the bushing into place, assemble the 3348 and 3301 tools as shown in Figure 8 and tighten the nut until the bushing is pressed into place.

5. Reinstall the front and rear links on both sides from the vehicle as described in the ElsaWeb Repair Manual.

Zoom and Print Options


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Required Parts and Tools

Additional Information

All parts and service references provided in this TSB are subject to change and/or removal. Always check with your Parts Department and service manuals for the latest informa

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Your answer is NOT even close to what I asked you. Lets try it again. what TYPE of suspension is used on 2004 A8 Audi Quatro, is it air ride or hydraulic? how is it operated and controlled
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 7 months ago.

it is not air ride or hydraulic.

it has struts & springs suspension set up front & rear Exactly like YOU SEE IN THE DIAGRAM I SENT YOU

let see , I m closer now

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