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2001 A6, 2.8, hazard lights start flashing when car is

Customer Question

2001 A6, 2.8, hazard lights start flashing when car is parked. not sure what is triggering this to happen. I now disconnect the battery when the car is parked. If it goes off at midnight the battery is dead the next morning. Today I went to a store and when I came out my cars lights were on. All 4 directionals plus the 2 194 bulbs in the sides of fenders were all on. But now there not flashing, just on. Directionals aren't flashing either when using turn signal, just always on. What triggered them to come on?, and why are they not flashing now?. I came home and pulled the directional fuse #2. Lights still on. #2 fuse back in and pulled #39 Hazard flasher. Lights now out. Tried directional turnsignals and they are flashing very very fast, something wrong. Can you help me? Thanks, Bob
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Audi
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Before I started disconnecting the battery, I was leaving the drivers door unlocked overnight. I thought this means the alarm is off. But the flashers still came on sometime overnight, and killed the battery. When I charged the battery flashers were still on. I disconnected the battery, charged the battery fully, than connected the battery and the lights were off. That's when I went to the store thinking everything is better, only to come out from store maybe 10 minutes later, lights on completely but now not flashing just on........I did not try the motion sensor on /off switch. Remember I don't lock the car anymore. Also the key pad doesn't work anymore, but key does lock and unlock car in doors lock cylinder. And key also locks the car and activates alarm with the little beap.....Do I need to deactivate the motion sensor before locking? do I also need a hazard / directional relay.....???
Expert:  Chris (aka - Moose) replied 1 year ago.

When using the hazards even though the lights are on solid are all turn signals on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
all the lights are on, all the lights that would be on if the hazards or alarm was triggered. But, they're not flashing, just on. When trying to use directional, nothing happens. No flashing, everything is stuck on. I than pulled #39 hazard fuse and "all" lights went out. Than tried directionals, they work but blink very very very fast....replace flasher relay? relay's? Still not sure why alarm is triggered in the first place, car is being left unlocked, alarm is off?? Does motion sensor still work when car is unlocked? Maybe the alarm thinks the car is locked, when it is unlocked? I'm sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself and your question.....Bob
Expert:  Chris (aka - Moose) replied 1 year ago.

Based on your description of the issue and what you have done. The switch is to blame for the turn signals not working. The flasher relay is incorporated into it. Lets get those working correct prior to addressing the alarm issue.

You want a excellent 5 star answer & I would like to be rated the same for providing it. Consider I don't know your skill level & I can't see, smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies. Try your best to respond with good detail so I can do the same. I normally log in at 3pm and work late. A rating is required. Your rating me, what I type. I am not an employee of this website, nor have control over the fees or the time it took to get a response. If you rate negative or not at all you still paid, but I get nothing. I want you pleased with me and my efforts, so let me know if your experience here has come up short.

Thanks Chris

Expert:  Chris (aka - Moose) replied 1 year ago.

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