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Scott, Master Mechanic
Category: Audi
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I am buying a 60000k Audi A5quattro convertible 2l petrol

Customer Question

I am buying a 60000k Audi A5quattro convertible 2l petrol which has had mandated Audi service in the service book-are there regular problems with an A5 with these K's-what can I expect
Paul Pemberton
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  Scott replied 1 year ago.

Hello Paul,
A relatively well known issue with that gen of A5 was oil consumption due to piston ring & land design, which wasn't really rectified until 2012 at the model update. Audi have pretty much admitted that there's a problem there - It would be worthwhile phoning an Audi dealer/service centre & running that issue past them, & also scouring the service records for any attention in that area. It's somewhat expensive to rectify if paying for it onesself - essentially a new engine.
Other issues appear to be random - front suspension, power steering, & electronics failures, probably no more or less than any other quality vehicle.
It would pay to get a pre-purchase inspection of course, preferably with an Audi specialist. NRMA etc can do 'general inspections' & give an idea of overall serviceability of the car, but may lack detail. I'd be looking for evidence of abuse, which may come in the form of excessive brake & tyre wear.
It's low Km's for the year, obviously a good thing..
I hope that puts you on track..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ScottThanks for your valuable report .Would you be available at Picklesin Belmore SydPaul Pemberton(###) ###-####ey to do a pre-purchase inspection on Monday 21/9/2015 or could you recommend someone
Expert:  Scott replied 1 year ago.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, not myself - I'm in NQ at the moment. You may like to try ZA Auto repairs, Padstow (local to Belmore) on 02 9792 7254. If they can't, they may be able to supply a lead or two..
Best of luck..

Expert:  Scott replied 1 year ago.

The battery light will come on if the engine stalls with the ignition activated, ie, key is in 'on' position. It simply means that the electrical system is lit up, but there's no charge, due to the alternator not rotating.
Same as when you turn on the ignition before starting..

Expert:  Scott replied 1 year ago.

Apologies, Paul please ignore the posting here after the inspection advice if you can see it - it's an incorrect posting & I cannot delete it apparently..

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