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Audi A4 Quattro: just put new long block in my 2006 a4 b7

Customer Question

I have just put a new long block in my 2006 a4 b7 2.0L fsi. it started up but when I revved the engine a bit the revs went up a bit then engine stopped and has not restarted since. There are no codes showing (I bought a reader) but cel, epc and esp lights are on though while ignition is on and while cranking. I have hooked all sensors up as far as I know and engine has new turbo cartridge. Have also tried resetting ecu multiple times by disconnecting battery. I can here the low pressure pump actuate when I open the drivers door so I assume that is working. Hpfp had new cam follower fitted when I put that on the engine.

I just remembered the time the engine did start, I had not hooked the maf sensor because I had not put the air box in. So after it stopped running I did hook up the maf then reset ecu and tried again and like I said will not start but cranks. I have not put the nose back on the car nor installed the headlights. I read codes again and there is one it is P0322

Never mind I fixed it it is running now

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Audi