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Audi 2006 A8 timing belt question

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I am buying (tomorrow) a 2006 Audi A8 with 76500 miles on it. Timing belt has not been changed. Small dealer with mechanic (although they have many European cars ( mostly BMWs)

Should I expect them to accept that responsibility? Is it safe to let them change it if they are willing? Thanks

Also, how much should I expect it to cost at an Audi dealership?
Hello! Welcome to justanswer!

How much do they want to do the job?
Are they using only Audi Parts from the dealer?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
They may not even offer to. Should I expect them to? And then would they even be able to?
Yes, they can get original parts from the dealer and so can anyone else. How much do they want to charge you to do the job?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I haven't bought it yet. Should I expect them to be responsible for it before I buy it?
Ok, the belt was due at 75000 miles as standard service to the car. The fact that its not done and the car is for sale is not a great sign. The belt is supposed to not be an issue for you and should be included in the price. I would not move forward on the deal if they do not have the belt done right and using oem parts and nothing else.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
If they agree to do it how can I be assured it was done right?
Well if they handle German cars like BMW's, chances are they have done this job before. If they screw up, the car wont even start after the job is done so theres a very low chance of you getting the car with the job done wrong. However to be sure I'd be sure to purchase some kind of warranty on the car that covers the engine and have them give you some type of written warranty on the timing belt itself.
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