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Audi A6 Quattro Avant: Just bought a 1999 Audi A6 Avant quattro

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Just bought a 1999 Audi A6 Avant quattro 2.8 liter and on the way home the oil pressure light came on intermittently .

Car had obviously ran over something and tore up the bottom of the car, doesn't appear to have been heavy damage.

Oil pan was obviously replaced and is brand new (doesn't appear to be OEM part)

Had oil pressure manually checked and found within the following limit.
NOTE: oil pressure at 2000 rpm, oil at 80 degrees C min 2.0 bar (29 psi)

Changed oil
- Oil pressure warning came on non stop.

Replaced oil pressure switch
- After replacing switch took car out on the highway. Ran up to 6000 rpm as I entered highway and drove up to 70 mph for approx 4 miles and got off at next exit and slow down fast to try to induce pressure warning light and it didn't come on. Went back out and ran it up to 5700 rpm and at 70 mph. All was well for about 4 more miles and as I was going down a slight hill the warning light came on again.

Oil level is good
Oil Temp is good and steady around 170 F
Take the pan off and check for oil sludge/carbon particles in the oil pump pickup screen. It takes a little time driving for all of them in the pan to collect again and plug the screen. Shutting it off allows them to disperse. The baffles in the pan keep you from getting them out at an oil change
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'll do it tonight and post pics of my findings. Will I be able to see the screen without removing the pump?


Thank you.

Sure, as long as the pan is off, you can see the intake screen (it picks up right from the bottom of the oil sump)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I found a lot of aluminum shavings. I'm not positive where they came from. I suspect the new cheap oil pan cover. It has some high edges on it that were not removed when it was pulled from the mold. Other than cleaning out the shavings, what should I do now? Is it easy to pull the pump? I noticed the chain coming down to the oil pump sprocket.


Great find, thank you

Make sure it is aluminum. If it is bearing material the car may have run without oil. Was this a private party sale? You may need to pull a valve cover and check some of the cam bearings.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm positive it is aluminum. They are bendable and non magnetic.


The car was bought from a small car dealer in the country.


The car was damaged after running over something. I found no damage to the piping or anything inside the cover. I pray this is only from this cheap oil pan cover.





Does it look like casting flash, and not heated or melted by friction? Almost any car sale is covered within 30 days, I would have brought it back before digging into it, it becomes a legal "grey area". It looks to me like flash, I have never seen it so bad as to clog the pickup!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm almost certain that it is casting flash from the new oil pan. No melted pieces and all of it is bright silver. I didn't see any other flakes looking up the bottom of oil pump into the engine. In fact, I didn't see anything until I put a small tool up into the area between the plate that covers the oil screen and pulled out the slivers of casting you see in the picture.


It was run up to 40 miles like this. Do you think it is all through the engine and inside the pistons and combustion area? What do you recommend I do if I can't bring it back?


By the way, the engine has no leaks anywhere after 171,000 miles. It was very well maintained prior to the time this cheap aftermarket oil pan was put on it by this dealer.

No, it would have to get through the pickup screen, and then through the pump. If you saw how the pump works, you would realize nothing gets through it but oil.
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